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I am Yocasta | Mother,
Wife, Caregiver & Coach

Hi, I’m Yocasta Bianconi. I started my career in caregiving when I was chosen to raise a beautiful girl with special needs. My daughter – Vilavy, was born with Crouzon’s Syndrome. I care for my family as a mother, wife, friend, and caregiver.

Besides being a licensed social worker, I am also a certified compassion fatigue coach. I am incredibly passionate about what I do. I support those who have the courage to care for the most vulnerable. Allow me to assist you in providing your family with the best possible care and comfort. Remember to be kind to yourself.

You can learn how to provide companionship to the sufferers with love and care. I deliver my services in the same way.

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Join our inclusive community. Caring for others is often driven by motivations of love and understanding. A caregiver should be kind, compassionate, and resilient to withstand challenging conditions. However, only some have these skills. Begin your journey of learning about self-care and caregiving with me.

We put caregivers at the heart of everything we do!

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My most significant credential was becoming a caregiver of my daughter thirty-two years ago in 1990. When my daughter was three years old, I got my first college degree in counseling. When she was in middle school, I got my bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology-2000. For the next ten years, I worked as a licensed social worker. Recently, after caring for my father with dementia for over five years, I became a certified fatigue couch. I am a caregiver. I am your couch.

Hear Our Success Stories

My daughter Vilavy is my finest testimonial. Thirty-two years ago, my daughter was born with Crouzon’s Syndrome (CS). CS is a craniofacial disorder that involves Malformation of both the face and cranium. This may cause hydrocephalus, sleep apnea, Chiari malformation, and developmental delays. My daughter got all of them. She underwent a series of reconstructive craniofacial surgeries throughout her life. Today she is a grown woman, living independently, but still needing support at times.

Those early years were the hardest for me as a primary caregiver. With a limited support system and nothing available to learn how to build resilience, for many years, I suffered from compassion fatigue without knowing. My daughter is my most prominent teacher. She taught me to be patient, to breathe, to be in the moment, and to take care of myself, so, I continue taking care of her. Caring for my daughter has been my biggest challenge as a mother and caregiver but the most significant honor I have received. One challenge, I am eternally grateful. Caregiving can be lonely sometimes, but know that you are not alone; this community is here to support you.

Caregivers are seen and heard here.

Becoming a caregiver has a different story for you and the next caregiver. Either you planned, volunteered, or  had to unexpectedly step into this role. At first, caregivers are happy to take on the task. Your desire to help when exposed to someone’s suffering its called compassion. With time the caregiver’s role itself may deplete you of the very same compassion. The reason: most caregivers stop or never learn to practice self-care.

You may start suffering from compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress. I know this very well; I suffered compassion fatigue through the years. Once I learned to practice self-compassion and daily gratitude rituals, I could feel compassion and the joy of caring for others again. Being a responsible caregiver means self-kindness. The reality of caring for your loved ones may not change.

Caregivers can soon feel/show some changes in their emotions, behavior, and cognition. Sometimes unaware of themselves, people close to them notice first. This would be your first sign to help yourself.

Caregivers must be committed to self-kindness and mindfulness practice. From day one. Daily self-assessment is recommended. Learn the resources needed to build resilience. Tap into your strengths.

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